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The one stable thing that’s really stuck since Mom’s death is that it is always there. Just as she is always in our memories and part of us, her death is always there. We will likely be able to cope better as time goes on, yet “getting over it” is not a realistic expectation.

The way and suddenness of her death is something that will always haunt us. Not knowing anything was wrong and then she’s gone, was almost like dying in a car accident. …

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This pandemic of the unvaccinated is sad in so many ways. A simple injection of a proven vaccine would save all the lives of the unvaccinated. The bumbling foolish rule of Trump and the republicans that back him is the origin of our problem.

The worries about “public relations” over science IS what killed and continues to kill people. Conspiracy theories and the anti-science views of trying to overrule science with foolish bluster is beyond sad. …

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Health care, doctors, and opportunities to work compel me to stay in North Carolina, and then Texas is all about family life. This does make the future occur, though I hope it does not limit the chances at furthering my available career choices. I have never been one for caring about a “career” in anything.

Teaching is mostly a passion that I’ve never realized in any long-term reality. Yes, this blog does “teach” things to the readers, yet that is not what can ever get the same satisfaction of a classroom. …

Today I discuss my blog daily blog post form Medium for June 16 — July 23.

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The first journey back to Texas from North Carolina provoked much emotional, physical, and mental energy to travel over 13 straight hours in one day. That might’ve been broken into an afternoon/night and a morning/afternoon day of travel, but I forgot my insulin in Charlotte. My pump’s revisor was tapped out and I NEEDED to keep the insulin flowing after I ran out on day 1.

So, my brother and I HAD to force the last 5 hours or so of the trip for medical needs. Rain, traffic, detours, and my new-found discomfort of driving at night prevented my driving…

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Welcoming the things and challenges of life with my chronic conditions Type 1 diabetes and secondary multiple sclerosis, SPMS, is my life now. Part-time work with my social security insurance, SSI, monthly payments SHOULD be enough to cover my life in Charlotte. I will just have to borrow some for my health care insurance from time to time.

This slow process of gaining trust and good will of bosses and coworkers like all of us must do when joining a workplace. Added levels of difficulty rest in my diseases, though that IS my life and I welcome the challenges. …

CR-1 visas & the USCIS

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This online relationship I’ve held for these 19 months is coming to a logical, and ill-fated head. Chances were then that I might never get to do as we wished and get her here soon. I targeted the CR-1 visa that the USCIS offers for a contingency based immigration visa for a family member.

The thing that a visa relies on is that a member of a US citizen’s family needs to come to America and become a citizen one day. I must go marry the one I’ve loved for over 19 months in her homeland to get here on…

Somewhere between Charlotte and Longview in Alabama, I think. (Photo by me)

Often, we find ourselves in the constant fight for these two elements to match-up for the things we desire in life. The trick is always seeing their alliance before they are allied, though I wonder if I can foresee this now as my distality seems to fog my ability to recognize their alliance. Timing out when and the opportunity to act and make that witch we want happen is always key in life.

Money is when all can get messy in the timing/opportunity equation of life. Having all three combined to make something happen quickly, or at all, is slim…

Bonus Vlog from my accountability challenge from July 13th.

Shout out to Eric Griggs for the B-roll!!

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At the riverside in NC (Photo by Eric Griggs)

The situation I am in with the diseases, health, friends, family, and economic factors of now are not things I chose. I never chose to grow up in po-dunk Texas in a family that sees life as a continual battle for simple survival of us as a unit. We define life as Us, not I, as we need the others in this core group of people to continue going on with purpose and want to help us.

We need one another to feel better about new successes, jobs, or deeds we are fortunate enough to gain in our school and…

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

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