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I am rather sure I talked out my Medium Habits before, but here is an update/refresher on how I use this platform. I am no star of this place, or even a monetarily successful one. I use my daily blogs to talk out and analyze my life in a very therapeutic, for me anyway, and halfway entertaining way. There are much more profitable bloggers out there on Medium, find their method if you desire money, as that is not my purpose here.

For the last three or four years, I’ve always tweeted every post in my daily newsletter. I can…

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The toll health takes on all my relationships is a huge one. I can’t promise much as my health might force me to change plans and not do whatever I choose. I can’t choose to go and do things or where I can go. What makes you think I can choose my career path?

Friendships are hard to keep when I have days, as often I barely leave the bathroom some days. Then, other days where I get a call instructing me to go to the emergency room now. That is not normal, but yes, it does happen.

My health…

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Chances are likely that I will be happy and okay with my life as it is here now. I just need to take chances for things I love as needed in my life. Will those chances pan-out and come to be what I hope they are?

Maybe, but that chance to be happy and have what and who I need around me is worth it. COVID, travel, and international criminals are real risks. Yes, but chances of them targeting me are slim as I see it. …

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These two terms are so similar in the context of life, as we cannot be physically healthy when we are not right mentally. Also, we can’t say we are truly healthy without having our minds at ease with our lives. They are certainly tied to one-another and can’t be separated as so many professional athletes show.

An athlete is an Adonis, in Greek mythology, a youth of remarkable physical beauty, yet can be so unhappy mentally it destroys them. So many professional athletes seemingly have it all, but they must seek therapy for mental health. …

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It’s often said, “those who can’t teach,” yet, I chose to teach. I am a grade “A” dork and a geek about history, music, sci-fi, and basically anything you can name here. I will research, process and learn massive amounts of information to just “know” I did that.

Most don’t learn things beyond what they must for school, work, or professional licenses. I, however, will learn the subject to know something. The need and passion for teaching comes from my need to learn about everything and everyone what is or was.

I did not fail into teaching. I chose to…

Loray Mill Loft Apartments and shoppes in Historic Loray Village Source

This day is not any special anniversary for me, though I am sure it is a birthday or wedding day for someone. I just specify this day as a waypoint for marking time and place of where and who I am. I am not changing my ways or life, but I realize that fluid nature of life and know that change WILL happen.

The house I am in now could be gone without my housemate and I soon. We are planning ways of staying safe, and you know, not homeless, so rest assured we are going to be fine. …

Hospital white board that faithful day of my hip repair surgery. (Photo by me)

September 11th was redefined in 2013 as I had a broken hip repaired. The World Trade Center’s demise is forever that National Day of Remembrance from 2001. Yet, my life was changed beyond the simple date of the procedure of repairing my hip with a titanium rod and pin.

Forever that one day and event will stand as a testament to my ability to get up and keep living the dream I have before I feel. That symbolism will forever remind me, and anyone that cares to notice, that I can always get up and succeed at the seemingly impossible…

Today I discuss my blog daily blog post form Medium for September 5 — September 12.

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​​Life loudly going through the usual motions aging seems to be what life with type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, or MS. is. The last decades of my life will be no slow descent into death, if my experience so far is any indicator of what aging with these illnesses is like. I just hope that a measure of what I wanted to get out of my years is in hand by the end.

Though, I question wanting to teach now with things like the debate in critical race theory, please admit wrong for Allah’s sake, and COVID not being…

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The variations of alternate life choices and realities my health forces onto me are things that could make me beyond depressed. Making do with what I have has been a chore that I’ve thrived with for most my life. Why can’t I do the same now with the limits my health force on me?

Dealing with the reality that is my life with type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, or MS is becoming more of a chore as I age. All the usual side effects of aging are manifest with an exclamation point with my chronic illnesses instead of a…

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

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