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Cancer is stopping or has or stopped most vital organs inside her body, yet the heart still slowly beats, and the will is there. Mom is living well beyond most predictions by medical professionals. She will be stubborn as she was in life in her passing on.

We inherited that drive to defy all odds and overseers of the situations we’ve met thus far. Her passing as we all three reach the precipice of middle age can remind us of the limited time we have here. …

As my mother made me! 😁❤️

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Better times are coming is, and always has been, the continual theme in my life. Cancer took my step-uncle in earlier this year and threatened to take my mother anytime in April. These deaths will hit me hard, but they were never impossible, just unlikely, we thought, now.

Many live longer than my step-uncle in his family, and most women live at least a few more years than mom’s current age in her family. However, death is certain for all that breathe and live. What we do with those days here is what matters.

Our stepdad will inherit much from…

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It seems I will keep this multi-part series going until my Mother fully passes on. Her stubbornness is clear now more than ever, as she refuses to go until she’s darn ready to go! She is inert and catatonic, as the cancer eats away at stomach lining and all her vital internal organs.

She shows no signs of recognition or awareness to voices of loved ones anymore. The time I saw her on her second day in Tyler will be my last memories of her. She was there 100% and able to talk and think and almost fully function.


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The two fixed points in life are birth, coming to life, and death, life stopping. These two points are not going to change anytime soon. Medical science is progressing to the point that these two points may be altered, yet not eliminated anytime soon.

Our genes might be altered by science soon, though Allah knows what consequences might come to be in that sooner than later future. I just really hope gene therapy and mRNA vaccines can help eliminate my Mom’s cancer and my type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, or MS, one day. …

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Life beats on beyond the deaths of parents in our lifetimes, as facing this does always sow some sense of our existence on the timeline of humans. That tiny pin sized spot that is us will not change much in the story of humankind. Yet, I still feel that mom’s ideas and compassion will live much past her time here.

She taught us much better ways of dealing with others and fairly showing empathy and compassion. Countless students she had have reached out to us on social media to express their thankfulness. …

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This passing of my second parent almost 38 years later is the oddity of my life. Growing up with no father and my mom’s mom being the disciplinarian and authority in my life was my childhood. That odd upbringing is why I respect women’s power to make rules and be the leader so much now.

I see the ability to be a strong willed, ethical and just person in the one I found to make a life with soon. She and I both see my mom as a heroin that raised us 3 boys to be great just and caring…

Thank you Farida for the shout out with all these writiers. I am not on their lever, but thank you!! 😁❤️🤘

(Crispr-Cas9 protein is used to cut a DNA molecule at a specific site. The DNA molecule can then be modified © Alamy) Caption Source Photo Source

Dwelling on cancer never is a place for the living to be in for too, as it only leads to more sorrow, suicide and/or worse thoughts and actions. Moving on to more of our lives and accepting that we did all we can do and should do. Truth and reality reveals that we all will face the deaths of our parents.

The tragic end of a child is when the reverse occurs as accidents or disease take a child from a parent early in the child’s life. Naturally, these circumstances we face with our mother’s cancer is how it should…

Mom and family from years ago. All but one faced death as Mom (bottom center right ) is now, and one faced cancer also. (Courtesy Photo)

I am not a robot and have feelings about losing my hero, icon and beloved Mom to cancer. Family and outside observers might see that I am not crying or showing my emotions visually. Yet, I assure you that I do feel the turmoil.

Peace in my mind and emotions only come from a history of dealing with death and horrible health outcomes in my own life. Losing my Father at 2 months, dear Granny at 6, more recently my career dreams to MS, or multiple sclerosis. …

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

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