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I changed my legal name in Texas over 2 months ago. I jumped through all the loops and did all I was required to do for a new Texas Driver’s license and Social Security card with my new name on it. I have the new Texas Driver’s license and passport with my new name on it.

Yet, I never got a new Social Security card never came with my new name on it. Then, last week, I went to one of the local DMVs Charlotte to get my new North Carolina Driver’s license. …

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Oh, so few quantities exist in life. The sun will rise and set, and the moon will wax and wane. The cosmic constants are just that, constant.

Yet, the terrestrial things here on “terra firma,” or earth, are often not things of good or good for us. The evil or greed and desire for more by the rich and wealthy are two of these constants that are always there for the worst of humanity. The good of kindness and spirit of goodwill are the yin to the yang of the not good sorts.

Life is always a mix of these…

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We are not meant to desire to be that perfect, and that is why it is okay for these imperfect moments I just cited. Life is for doing good, bad and all the vast myriad grays of decisions, journeys, and acts of human life. That IS what LIFE IS!

Not spending to get the best whatever or choosing the “wise” way to save $2 is just stupid. LIFE IS SHORT, GO LIVE AND DO FOOLISH STUPID things. No, I don’t mean murder, kick a puppy, or shake a kitten.

I mean don’t be so timid about doing “normal” chores and…

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Genuineness, honesty, seriousness, earnestness, whatever synonym of sincerity that I want to use, is what I live. I am not always the perfect, or even passable, Muslim, academic, teacher, or even student. Yet, that is okay as Allah, God, is the ONLY perfect being ever.

I don’t lie by habit, and personal ethics, so I often skip the little “white lie” to let things go sadly. So, many times I could’ve lied and then been off better with what was happening. Yet, I told the truth and paid for it.

The one thing that I will do is not say…

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Missing all the tropes of home life and old habits that might’ve needed to go anyway, is my instant reaction to waking in a new place. The constants are me and my health issues and needs to live. Pairing those down to the absolute needs is what life often becomes in a new place. I don’t have an exercise bike here, yet, but that can be reckoned with quickly.

Doing what is needed and not just what we are used to is a way to reassess what those habits are. Was it that they served you or you served them…

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One thing I always pray for daily is for Allah to show me the way he wishes me to go with all decisions and moves I make. I can’t escape the feeling that all that is happening in my life is pushing me to move to Charlotte now. This confluence of events of meeting people at the right time and clear signals that I need to be there are inescapable.

From the chair that will exercise my pelvic wall that will stop my nighttime Urinary incontinence issues. To the doctors that will refer me to a sub-specialist for secondary progressive…


College will always be my chosen place of education. Though the money, benefits, lesson plans and all being more in H.S. in many cases, I will always choose higher education. Yes, it might only be part-time for a bit, yet maybe that’s all I can do now.

Seeing if I can withstand the stress and daily grind of working again would be a gauge of whether I can handle a full-time job. I reflect on my time in Marshall, Texas at the Historically Black College and University, HBCU, now. …

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All doubters of the past election, mostly Trump fans and GOP zombies, are missing the most important point. This election was the most secure, analyzed, studied, and participated in election this century. That SHOULD be a celebrated, not controversial fact!

Pull your collective heads out of you and Donnie’s azzes and see this please. You might not like the outcome, yet President Joe Biden and Madam Vice President is the result. PLEASE, stop all the racial and prejudicial biases and read the facts.

I am a historian and political scientist, note the science in the term scientist there, I govern…

My voucher like you can get for your PCR-RT COVID test.

This is something I’ve done so many times it is like an old, trusted trope. I’ve used this way of COVID, PCR-RT, testing, is like an old service that I trust and use when needed. The test is collected by a pharmacy worker, so the airline, or whomever requires the test will know it was your sample.

The website of this national testing center is There, you will have the opportunity to say why you are testing and the chance for a voucher for a free test. …

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

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