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We humans are still like animals in so many ways. Emotions and nerves can get rough and ruffled at times, as we must lash out and/or have a good cleansing cry. That is okay when we can process things in healthy ways.

Not meaning that it is okay to beat up ourselves, someone else or kick any pets around us, of course. Just processing the events of life can be hard to deal with, and having a therapy session, cleansing cry or talking things out with ourselves or others is needed. …

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This is a better, less rash way of saying yesterday’s headline. Memories can live with us for our whole lives until we move on ourselves. Passed loved ones, experiences, lessons and life altering times are with us forever and always.

We are the massed outcomes of all that has ever happened to us. The chore, job or, as I see it, reward for living through all is the chance to improve and keep living. The village that raised me would expect nothing less of the youngest of the three sons our Mom raised.

This is not an unwanted or welcome…

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As moronic as it sounds, often we must remind ourselves of this after people die. Life here on planet Earth is for us living beings. Yes, we can remember the fallen and live their legacies as the makers of their legacy and lineage and heritage.

Yet, we are here now, and they are not here anymore. Life moves fast and we must remember them always. They would not expect us to stop living just because they are gone though.

They know we still love and will always love and live by their teachings and lessons. We just must be careful…

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The idea of us living life and packing away all that was our mother and matriarch is something all the lost parents must face afterwards. We don’t and can never forget the people, yet we can’t live a healthy life with so many reminders of them around us all the time. I don’t mean burn it, sell it or destroy it in any way possible.

Just packing it away and moving on will help the scars of their passing heal over time. One day soon you will be more at peace with their passing though, the metaphorical ghost of them…

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As today would be my Mom’s 71st birthday, but cancer did not allow her to make it a full 71 years of aging. Typically, her family’s females live to 75 and we’d assumed she would do the same. As cancer stopped her from reaching the average age of the women in her side of the family.

Her ashes and remains arrived that other dat and I couldn’t help but hug them. She was that and now she’s moved on, yet she is always live in us.

Cancer does not see or care about averages or wants and feelings. It is…

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Reflections and shadows of her presence will always be there until the day we move out this house we shared for over 7 years. The fact I can still close my eyes and picture the trailer we’re raised in that’s been gone for over 20 years speaks to the lasting effects of human memories. Choosing to see the good and overlook the bad times get easier over time.

Good sticks in my head much better than the sad or silly, yet the silly memories are often the funniest times. Like after my MS, multiple sclerosis, diagnosis in 2013, we were…

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As you know, my mother died of cancer weeks after we knew she had it. That’s not how cancer is supposed to go. Years of hearing stories of survivors and others living with cancer for years just had us trained to believe that is how cancer works.

Yet, the ovarian cancer that took her is rarely found at the point chemotherapy or anything will help the woman stricken with it survive for too long. We are very thankful for the years she was here as our beloved mother, wife, sister, aunt, cousin, etc. …

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Dealing with the realities of chronic illnesses is a long-fought marathon of learning and learned patience and using those lessons learned along the way. Knowing that a “cure” for what ails me is coming one day sooner than later is the working theory here. A mRNA vaccine for multiple sclerosis, or MS, and/or diabetes is in the works or coming soon.

I passed on a clinical trial that is happening now in Texas and several other states. Circumstances of COVID and my lack of a neurologist in my life made for that decision to not take part in the trial…

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The mental and physical health issues of multiple sclerosis, or MS, diabetes, and a mother’s death all still have a toll or have not yet to heal. Yes, Mom just passed away, so that healing process has barely begun. The other issues, my illnesses, have daily costs to both mental and physical health are still mostly unabated.

The diabetes is mostly controlled with the pump yes, but still daily I must figure and feel if I used too much or too little insulin. Testing is a constant, even with a CGM, continuous glucose monitor. …

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life. Fully Vaccinated since 2/4

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