Any historiography post will have to be a way in the future thing. I skimmed over my treatment I wrote for the warm-up to my History Comprehensive Exams and was almost bored to tears. I really need to write something new if I post anything. My mind is not in the right place to do that right now.

I am willing to email you the academic drivel if you want to read it to fall asleep one night or something. 😝

Here is a taste of the intro:

In recent years, borderlands history has evolved into a dynamic tale that provides a more accurate reflection of what happened. The current revisionist work calls into question the common classic view of the American borderlands in the early American frontier. These works rebuke the 1893 Frederick Jackson Turner’s “Frontier Thesis,” that implies that area of “free land” is only for the advancement of American settlement westward. Recent historiographical trends show that the borderlands of America are evolving in a melting pot of new and old cultural customs. This implies that no one was in America at the time for “discovery” by the European empires. Turner’s thesis creates many misguided theories that recent revisionary historians are disproving.

The new studies of the borderland, the environmental, and the frontier-based histories are questioning the context of Turner’s ideas and the race-based ideology of his American exceptionalism doctrine.

Like I said, I can email if you want more.

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