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Lola says she is beautiful, sweet like honey, warm & graceful!! (Photo by Jamie)

Buddhism Day by Day: Shakyamuni Buddha is respected, as His Voice is recorded as Being ‘Beautiful, Sweet Like Honey, Warm & Graceful, Resounding & Clear

“Why was Shakyamuni Buddha so respected? One of the reasons was the power of his voice. His voice is recorded as ‘beautiful, sweet like honey, warm and graceful, resounding and clear.’ He is also described as an individual who ‘speaks brightly, narrates gracefully, talks clearly, expresses himself eloquently to make himself understood.’

Shakyamuni called to anybody who visited him, ‘Welcome, welcome.’ It is expounded that he associated with people with his friendliness, joy, and gentleness. He always politely greeted any person he encountered. He never greeted them in an unfriendly manner. It is said he first opened his mouth to speak to the other person so that they have easier time to open up to Shakyamuni.”

Credit Daisaku Ikeda for the quote.

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