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Lola always shows great compassion for her humons and cures us with lots of healing licks and snuggles! 😁❤️🐶 (Photo by Rose Bolomey)

Buddhism Day by Day: View Life Through the Buddha Eye, See the Living Beings in the 6 Paths

“I view things through the Buddha eye, I see the living beings in the six paths, how poor and distressed they are, without merit or wisdom, how they enter the perilous road of birth and death, their sufferings continuing with never a break, how deeply they are attached to the five desires, like a yak enamored of its tail, blinding themselves with greed and infatuation, their vision so impaired they can see nothing. They do not seek the Buddha, with his great might, or the Law that can end their sufferings, but enter deeply into erroneous views, hoping to shed suffering through greater suffering. For the sake these living beings I summon up a mind of great compassion.”


Credit Daisaku Ikeda for the quote.

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