Diabetic Cyborg Life 10/03: Medical Needs Define my Move to Charlotte

Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg
1 min readOct 3, 2021
Photo by Wes Smith on Unsplash

My ejection from the place I was staying threatens my ability to keep the team of doctors I have in Charlotte. Notice I said threats not threatened or ended. That is because I will return to the state by myself alone for now.

The fact I had tests and improvements in my health in a few months is enough to keep my attention. I never even knew about Texas after seeing doctors regularly for years. The technology did not advance, and new techniques were not advanced.

The proper and regular use of better methods and the lure of more people in a growing city are why there exists this gap in technology and techniques. Tests I never heard of showing this that are obvious now are why I must stay a resident of the Queen City. How, where, and when I will be is yet to be determined.

Yet, I will keep my team of doctors in line and be a resident of Charlotte somehow.

The messy work of getting loans and HUD assistance for the disabled is there, now I just have to get approved and move back.

Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg

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