Diabetic Cyborg Life 10/27: Clear & Absolute Proof Pt. 2

Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg
1 min readOct 27, 2021
Another view from the trail near my house. (Photo by me)

… Every day now I feel appreciation for the fact I am still here. More than ever before the progressive multiple sclerosis, MS, that afflicts my body will show itself in every single second of every single day. Yes, I say it this way to show that I can’t ignore it, or “try harder,” and I magically don’t have the disease anymore.

People want to call me out for “magical thinking,” ignoring my illnesses and acting like I don’t have them.

That evokes a mystic view of my life more than my wanting to travel to see my new wife, or anything I could feasibly do or want to do.

Knowing what I face can’t do anything but take joy in living every moment of my life to the best I can.

Facing every new symptom from my MS or diabetes at least means I will not be bored.

There is no provable connection of my autoimmune related diseases but adding pancreatitis, diagnosed in August, to the mix only screams they are connected.

I am still trying to volunteer for an in-depth immunological study, but not much hope of Texas having any of those any time soon.

Adam, The Diabetic Cyborg

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