Diabetic Cyborg Life 10/30: The Blogs That Weren’t

Lost in the scuffle, wanting to be on the way to my love in Bangladesh, or BD, I seemed to skip the last 2 days of October. I realized this error in my usual effort to send the blogs day-by-day to be proofread before publishing. The process I publish at least is good enough to show that error.

It, also, does mean that my vlogs are off, but I will let that lay as it is. That does remind me of a blog that I responded to a post by Jessica Wildfire about knowing when to let creative ventures go and say they are done.

No one but me, and maybe one viewer, would really see the error those vlogs have in skipping days. The vlogs are still not published, but again I go back to knowing when to let things go that we create and will leave them be. Take these blogs and vlogs be a reminder with Jessica’s post being a functional real-world reminder to not always be a perfectionist.

Making errors, learning from them and keeping going is how we often learn the most important answers in life.

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