Diabetic Cyborg Life 12/16: Gratitude & Reward

The continued support from all the readers of my blogs mean the world to me and keep my heart string during hard times. An ever-growing list including: Bruce Noll, Maggie Lupin, Yael Wolfe, Erika Burkhalter and Roz Warren. I will respond to every post as it comes, but I just wanted to thank you all for caring!

Surely, I will have a running list on responders that will follow in future blogs. I also still want to send love to any that read and clap but don’t feel the need to respond. Thanks goes to every clapper and reader of my words. I get why you don’t respond or even clap, but I still send you love all the same!

Life with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, or SPMS, cervical stenosis with myopathy, or CSM is not fun. Also, knowing that my entire central nervous system, or CNS and brain that are slowly delaminating just means more symptoms to deal with. None of my chronic illnesses are curable as the type one diabetes is not either. The major depressive disorder, or MDD, is in affects me no more since that “disabled” decision by the judge in early 2018.

A live on The Shawshank Redemption from a group I am in on Facebook used the crawling through a river of sewage as a metaphor for life. His premise was do we have enough grit to do the hard things in life to get to a reward. I have no reward in sight for my river of pooh I crawl through, yet I continue optimistic crawl to the end.

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