Diabetic Cyborg Life 3/04: Same Story, Same Beat

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Photo by Max Kobus on Unsplash

The appointment with my primary care physician, or PCP, went as I expected. There were things I did learn though concerning my old neurologist and the hope for a new one. It seems no one has any insight into why my former neurologist left her thriving practice.

Her former supervising neurologist and mentor retiring simultaneously with her makes for a flood of neurology patients needing a doctor, and no one is taking new patients now. This leaves me having to call and try every neurologist that might take my health insurance. A conversation with my PCP during our meeting showed me why so many refuse Medicaid and Medicare plans.

Many claims are shown denied when I log onto my online access to the United healthcare account. My PCP stated that means the people filing the claim don’t get paid and are felt with no payment for their services or health supplies. Her office is straight turning away patients of one Medicare provider since they were constantly being denied payment.

That is a scary thing to as I am a year from Medicare coverage and thought my health insurance experience might be improving. That hope appears to be in vain as people are refusing Medicare now like they are my current Medicaid plan. Yeah, sure, the American health care is so great, and no one needs any reformation. You have any more lies you care to share?

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