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Diabetic Cyborg Life 4/11: COVID-19 Brings Changes

What changes may stick around from this time of shutdown and social distancing? These ideas of personal space and keeping 2 meters or 6 to 8 feet away from strangers is a good habit. I hope Americans will continue it after the Pandemic ends.

Many Asian and heavily populated areas had for a while now and I can see that lasting afterward. The germaphobia is something I used since my teen years to try to avoid sick days in school. A sane form of germaphobia might be wise for us all to adopt after this time of COVID quarantine.

Not full-on obsessive-compulsive, or OCD, hand washing, but a nice logical hand cleaning or sanitizing is wise year-round. Staying positive and not getting a list of disorders or psychosis from COVID-19 is often hard. The wild-eyed crazy ideas of population control or this being the end of days can appeal to us I know.

Buying into an idea that this is a test, or the end times just seems misplaced to me. I might be totally off on that thought though. The knowledge I have of history and political science says there was an outbreak and the response was poorly managed.

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