Diabetic Cyborg Life 7/30: Our Choices Define us

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Those words lifted from countless places, 2003’s Hellboy being the movie they come from here. That idea seeks to define our lives past the source of our birth. Our lives are our daily choices, decisions and actions as we live our days here on earth. We are the epitome of our decisions, actions and choices literally forming our lives around us.

Of course, birth will always define certain things about us as my entries on Trump show. His origins shaped the failures in leadership that make leave so many dead or a threat of dying. A lifetime of failing his way to the top of Trump reality, as the vocal conman, shapes all he is a president now.

As I stated before, this experiment in democracy known as America is over. Now, we must see if a full-scale war is needed to reckon with the fallout of Trump’s first term as president. The war is not a second civil war as some neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists push, but another Revolutionary War.

The second founding of the United States of America will be one with not chattel slavery at least. The imbedded slavery of debt and student loans brought by crooked lenders and predatory capitalists is the closest it gets now. The systemic racism is rife as ever and the white supremacist system is threatened as another American Revolution is primed and a war is on the make.

I just pray a shooting war is not to come and cooler heads prevail.

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Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Adam, Diabetic Cyborg

Muslim, Optimist, Chronic Lyme Disease survivor, History/Poli. Sci. Prof. with no class. COVID Boosted on 8/25, 2/2, 7/15, 9/15 💍 10/6 & 1/17