I do pick the protein bars I by the amount of unhealthiness to the health benefits. I will never give into the Dark Side so don’t doubt that. I ignore the haters and kill them with kindness. I love you for wanting to feel bad about my situation and no I don’t want you to worry yourself about little old me. 😁 I am 3 days short of 35, so I am not as young as I was, but I know I am still in the first half of my life. I will punt MS’s behind to the moon! LOL I am more thankful for everyday since my diagnosis. I have to reclaim that happy daily. It takes a lot to offend me in a post on the internet, and none is taken from you. I know about the dangers of random posts on the interwebs :p. I try to sick to well vet my sources. Hey I once did research for a living, so I know how to pick my sources. I know my body better than my docs in many ways and listen to it and them equally. I don’t know who you are like 99% of the people here, but I love you all the same❣️

Thank you for reading and responding!! I love every one of the commenters and readers more than I can put into words. My family and I owe you for caring about my chronically ill mentally flawed self. I owe you my life.

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life.

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