I wanted to teach and write history. I really wanted to go for a Ph.D. and be a college professor of history. Issues with getting a thesis together and finding a university on the west coast that wanted me to come really stopped that. I always wanted to be called Dr. Maldonado or just plain doctor. Then I could be “The Doctor” to friends like Doctor Who. Yes, that is just silly fun, but that was my intention.

I loved early Colonial American history and really grew to love Renaissance European history. I mostly lived in American Civil War since the profs I loved taught it and I always found it easy to understand.

I really want to break to mold for the way history is taught in school. Try to make students realize that things that happened hundreds of years ago miles away affect us here and now. History repeats in strangest ways sometimes, but yeah it does repeat. The approach to teaching it is very fascinating to me. Historiography is something undergrads and lower levels run from in terror, but it is really a fun thing to understand how history is was and is taught today.

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life.

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