I was asked to: Past Self During The Hardest Time of Your Life

Fun prompt I saw today from Michelle Monet

What would I tell my past self during my hardest times of life? This goes back to myself in early summer 2003.

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Me at 19 and around 130 lbs and totally unhealthy. (Photo by Eddie Maldonado)

Dear 19 year old me:

  • You are in fact currently type 2 diabetic and that is why you lost 150 lbs without trying! Your metabolism did not all the sudden become superhuman. Type 1 diabetes and a pump will come in around 15 years.
  • Life with multiple sclerosis is different but you can keep going. No I don’t mean scoliosis, if affects you brain not you back!
  • Your health will get worse if you don’t stop eating garbage and try to be smart with what you eat.
  • Stop being negative sarcastic jerk and mellow out!
  • Get you head on right about your life in general and choose hope and optimism.
  • Give yourself a break about college and know things can get better when you study history and not journalism. Remember all you learned and Mrs. Craddock will be around when you finish life at Kilgore College.
  • Try another thing to minor in or double major in other than political science.
  • Stop being so lead footed when driving.
  • Love Uncle Richard like never before now! You will never see him again.
  • Maybe date someone along the way during you late night out phase listening to live music.
  • Try valuing life a little more and know you at least make you mid 30s!

How bout YOU?

Write a Letter to my Your Past Self During The Hardest Time of Your Life.’

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Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life.

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