Listicle Love Prompt

40 Things I Love in no particular order

In response to the prompting of Shannon Ashley

This forty was very, very hard to come up with. Not that I don’t love a lot of things, but I just don’t ponder it much.Yes Shannon I copied yours to prompt my own, but hey it IS a writing prompt! 😝

  1. Lola and Maggie, yeah there is nothing that means more outside of my Mom than these to rescues that reduce me everyday.
  2. My mother Rose Bolomey. We have a saying we say all the time, “I am you and you are me.” We are that much alike in out personalities and who we are.
  3. My older brothers Jamie. We lived in the same room for the first 10 or so years of my life and remain close in personality, likes and proximity.He lives in the next room now 😝
  4. My oldest brother Eddie. He is married and has his own life now, but we shared lots of years going to live music at bars that I will never forget. I was always his designated driver since my diabetes granulated I would not drink.
  5. Music all kinds but country, sorry I never hear much I like. I do dig old Johnny Cash and some of the old story telling old timers. I actually like those, but they are more like spoken word artist to me.
  6. My Step-Father Steve. I wrote a poem about why.
  7. Doctor Who that BBC TV staple of the past 53 years or so. I love all of the doctors and will watch any of them. 🤓
  8. Michael Connelly books, mostly the Harry Bosh and Mickey Haller books, but I listen to any audiobooks of his.
  9. Audiobooks, I have no attention span anymore and have not read a paper book cover to cover in since like 2011 or so. Yes, I have a MA that was built on book reviews, so that makes no sense. I perfected the “Grad School skim” to get that diploma. I need to do a post where I discuss all my ways I used to get through grad school one day. I just hate the idea of doing a post about “life hacks” of any sorts. 🤮
  10. Hanging out in a guitar store, though I never do that anymore. 🙄
  11. Hanging out in a music store, though I never do that anymore. 🙄 (sorry for the repeat! Hey, I got get to 40 don’t I!) 😝
  12. Nike basketball sneakers from the 90s, especially the mid-90s
  13. Nike basketball sneakers of form the 80s, mostly one that look like the Air Jordans from that year.
  14. Air Jordans, any and all of them. Really, I have over 60 of them.
  15. Sneakers in general to be honest. I have around 124 or so … 😱
  16. Metallica, been a fan since I was a kid.
  17. Muse the band form the UK. I’ve seen them 3 times live and was blow away every time.
  18. Chevelle the band, not the car. Seen them live once and loved it!
  19. Amanda Palmer, she defines a rockstar to me. I cried listening to her book when she made me realize I was an artitst.
  20. History, yes, I an a historian by training , so that makes sense.
  21. Political Science, it was my major will graduation as an undergrad, dumb one class I never passed. I made it my minor for my BS and had 18 graduate credit so I could teach it when I got my MA.
  22. News in general, yes I have a habit of tweeting it constantly.
  23. Learning about health food
  24. Learning about Nutrition
  25. Nostalgia about my 20s
  26. Lavender scented candles
  27. Vanilla scented candles
  28. Silver Linings Playbook. Book and movie. (sorry had to bite this one from Shannon)
  29. Harry Potter. Movies and books. I treat the movies as bonus content for the books.
  30. “Bosh” the Amazon Prime series based on the books
  31. Writing. Duh! Course I had to bite this too!
  32. White chia tea from, not a plug but I love the stuff
  33. illy Coffee dark roast K-Cups
  34. Starbuck dark roast K-Cups with a dash of salt
  35. Cooking in general
  36. Spending the day at home since I cannot got anywhere without getting car sick lately.
  37. The exercise bike desk I use every morning
  38. Ren and Stimpy, the cartoon the toys and all things but the creator and the party cartoon.
  39. The idea of having cats, Lola and Maggie were not my choice, but I would not trade them for anything!!
  40. Live music. Had to bite it too! Though I never get to see it anymore.

EDIT: I totally forgot Metallica in the band section, d’oh! They define so much of my life’s love of music. I saw them live twice in Ft Worth and Dallas. They are worth every penny you pay to see them live.

How did I forget them!?!?! That’s that MS I swear! 😝🙄

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life.

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