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How this works β€” when you are nominated, you make a post answering the questions posed to you β€” then tag a bunch of other unsuspecting people to answer questions you make up for them.


In response to Christina Ward πŸ’—β€™s prompt

  1. What is your current obsession (OTHER than writing?) Watching TV while writing count?
  2. Have you ever sleep-walked before? Yes, I was in the hospital after a spinal tap and they gave me an Ambien to help me sleep. I was forbidden to stand for hours after it so spinal fluid would not leak out, but luckily is was only an hour early.
  3. What’s your favorite animal? Stuffed or fresh and bone? Mikey my TMNT toys I had since I was like 5 and toss up of cats or dogs. I like both, sorry! :p
  4. What place would you love to visit? NYC, top of World Trade One
  5. Name an item in your house with great nostalgic value. My bedroom, too much old stuff in there
  6. If there were a movie made about you β€” who would you want to play you in the movie? James McAvoy, kids told me I looked like when I subbed after shaving my head
  7. What would the name of the movie be? β€œThe Life Not Lived”
  8. If you were on death row β€” what would your last meal be? All the Jimmy Mix corn bread muffins I could eat
  9. Why the heck are you on imaginary death row??? Capital Punishment, Texans love to kill people
  10. Are you listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies already? No, not really. NetFlix has some that stalked me into watching but they were just on. I did not really watch them
  11. You wake up tomorrow and find that you’ve won 1 million dollars β€” but are not allowed to keep any of it for yourself…pick 1–3 charities to receive the money. To Write Love on Her Arms, American Diabetes Foundation and The National MS Society

OK β€” here’s my people! Nicolas Cole Kris Gage Charles Chu Zat Rana Ayodeji Awosika Zdravko Cvijetic Jessica Wildfire Michelle Monet Caitlin Dragon 🐲 Dan Moore Joe Procopio Randy Shingler Zev

Here’s your questions!

  1. Public Transit or Drive?
  2. Cow milk or alternative?
  3. Vegan or carnivore?
  4. Writing fiction or non-fiction?
  5. Poet?
  6. Writing for art or money?
  7. Optimism, pessimism or stoisism?
  8. Favorite ice cream?
  9. Dance or wallflower?
  10. Walk or run?
  11. What are you thankful for?

Muslim, Optimist, History/Political Science Prof. with no class. An Endurer of SPMS, T1 Diabetes and life.

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